What Great Dental Websites Have in Common

If you’re a dentist, it’s almost a requisite for you to have a website these days. Great dental websites are more than just marketing tools, though. While dentistry sites do have the potential to bring a lot of new patients and traffic to your clinic, great dental websites do that by providing things and services that people – your prospective clients, that is – need and appreciate. What can you expect from your dental website and how do other dentists promote their practices through their websites?

Raise Visibility

Great dental websites raise the visibility of your practice. Eighty percent of people looking for a local dentist start with Google or another search engine. When people in your city or neighborhood search for a local dentist, you want your website to come up at the top of the search results. Great dental websites use local search engine optimization techniques to make sure that they come up when someone is looking for a dentist in your town.

Distribute Information

A lot of people who search for local dentists aren’t necessarily looking for a dental appointment today. They’re looking for information. They want to know what’s involved in tooth whitening.
They want to know if they’re a suitable candidate for dental implants. They want information – and if you give it to them, you may change that person who’s just looking for information into someone who books an appointment right now.
The best dentistry websites provide information about the procedures performed in their practices and make prospective patients feel comfortable about getting their questions answered.

Provide Customer Care

These days, many people find it easier to find answers online than over the telephone. Great dental websites make it easy for patients and prospective patients to get the information they need without tying up your office staff with tedious telephone calls. Add a FAQ section to your website to answer the most common questions, and set up a contact form to make it easy for your patients to get in touch with you.

Great dental websites don’t exist in a vacuum, though. Once your website is up and running, you need to promote it and make sure that others know it’s there. Put the URL on your business cards and stationery and involve a business that specializes in creating and promoting dentistry
to make sure your website gets the attention it needs.

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