Location Marketing

While local marketing generally plays an important role in the success of any business, it is invaluable for a thriving dental practice. Gone are the days when marketing locally meant mailing circulars or sticking flyers on windshields; potential patients are no longer thumbing through the Yellow Pages for a local dentist when they have a toothache, they’re turning to the ultimate resource for that information: the Internet. Don’t miss out on this valuable advertising opportunity because you think that the Web is only useful for reaching across the world and not across the street.

Mobile applications that allow patients to “check in” offer a variety of advertising opportunities to dental practices. People who check in to area businesses will be notified of the proximity of your practice and will have access to reviews posted by other patients; a digital version of word-of-mouth advertising. You can attract new business by having specials and discounts available when a patient utilizes a mobile check in for your office.

The impact of having a significant internet presence on your local business is immeasurable. Where your dental practice is listed on a major search engine’s local directory can make or break your business. Many dental offices operate on the premise that simply having an attractive, user-friendly website will be enough to bring internet traffic to their page; unfortunately, those offices will soon discover that simply creating a pretty website is not enough to acquire an engaged local, web-based audience.

In order to achieve a high ranking for your dental website, you need to work with a search engine optimization source that has an understanding of the unique needs particular to a busy dental practice. Top ranked dental offices have a larger presence in the local market; they are what users click through to most often on their search for an area dentist and are far more likely to attract new patients. These dentists know that in order to achieve and maintain a high rank, a continuous working relationship with their SEO source is imperative.