Dental Website Search Engine Optimization

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) such an important internet marketing tool for dentists? For all intents and purposes, it is the primary technique for increasing the amount of potential clients that visit your as well as improving the quality of visitors. Many internet marketers and other online entrepreneurs consider SEO to be the ultimate website traffic generator.

About Our Services

The following is a list of the SEO services that we can provide to our clients and reasons why you should use our service:

  • Keyword list development – we carefully research, develop and expand upon pertinent dental service related keywords so the search engines find you faster and can result in higher rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • URL Re-Tooling – we can assign names to website pages so that your links have increased relevancy to specific pages within your website
  • Content Adjustment – if your content is poorly written and not search engine optimized, we can adjust it so that you place higher in the search engine results pages and gain more quality website traffic in the process
  • Meta-Tag Authoring – this is a critical component to SEO, and we are skilled in creating this “behind-the-scenes” code in order to tell the search engine spiders about your website or the particular page the potential client is looking for
  • HTML Site Maps – we can create a site map for your website that will enable your potential clients to navigate more effectively and efficiently to find the information about your services they are looking for
  • Robots.txt – we’ve taken the current robot.txt standards to a new level so that website robots can navigate your website more effectively and easily archive and categorize content about your services for the search engines
  • XML Site Maps – one of the most effective tools that you can use to inform the search engines about certain URL’s on your website available for “crawling” are XML site maps. We create these so that the search engines are able to crawl your website more intelligently
  • Header Tag Authoring – we use header tags to effectively communicate what a webpage is all about to the various search engines and convey the importance of the text contained within that header tag
  • Image Alt-Tag Optimization – this is a variable critical to helping search engine results page rankings and enables your website to be found in image results. It also allows visitors to hover over an image on your site and see the title of it so that you know what clicking on the image will result in
  • Content Linking to Internal pages – we will optimize onsite content to link more effectively to take your visitors to other relevant internal pages and information on your website