How SEO Can Help Your Professional Dentistry Website

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is exactly what it sounds like: a technique for making your website easier to find by internet search engines, which will cause it to be ranked higher on the results pages. When a potential client searches the web for a dentist in their area, they may type in something like, “best cosmetic dentist los angeles.” The search engine then compares this search criteria to the information it has on the various dental practice websites  pulling out the ones which are the closest match. Combing the entire web for a phrase and compiling the results in order of apparent relevancy would be impossible for a mere human, but computer search engines can pull up pages upon pages of results in less than one second. Whether your website shows up on page one or page ten depends on how easy it is for a search engine to find and rank. This is where SEO comes in.

SEO Gets More Traffic to Your Site

Having the best dental website  in the world is meaningless if no one can find it. Studies show that over 70% of traffic on any individual site comes from Google searches- and that’s only one out of the five top ranked search engines on the web today. Making sure that your professional website is easy to find is crucial to getting visitors to your site, and ultimately into your office. It’s also important to optimize your site so that it appears in the first three results pages, if not the first, because while prospective clients may be prepared to go about three pages deep to find the best dental service provider in their area, the zeal rapidly wears off. If your website doesn’t show up until page seven, you aren’t going to see that many visitors coming in from the search engines, and fewer visitors means fewer patients.

The impact proper SEO can have on your business is astounding, and while there are books and tutorials on SEO techniques, messing around with DIY SEO can be overwhelming.  It may take weeks just to find out you did it wrong. If you really want to see amazing results it’s best to go to a professional service like Dentistry Websites.

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