The Secrets of Great Dental Websites

Great dental websites are those that deliver the results you need for your practice. The most important of those results is bringing in new patients for your practice, but there are other important things that great dental websites do as well: increase your visibility, represent you
professionally and give your current and new patients the information they need to comply with your treatment plan. A company that offers dentist marketing services can help you create a dental website that delivers results and helps drive your practice to the next level.

Wondering how your dental website ranks among the great dental websites on the Internet? Check out these tips to see how your site measures up against the ideal dentist’s website.

Visibility and SEO

How easy is it to find your website when you enter your city and a dental treatment you offer into a major search engine? A well-optimized dentist’s website should come up in the top five results on the first page. Can you also find your website using your name in the search engine? Great dental
websites use local SEO as well as general search engine optimization to make it easy for patients to find you.

Initial Impression

Is the home page organized, neat and attractive? Is it inviting? Is it clear that the website belongs to a dentist? The initial impression your website makes will often determine whether or not a prospective patient will stay long enough to book an appointment or inquire further. Great dental
websites look professionally designed, well-organized and very definitely make it clear that the prospect has landed on the right website.

The Wow Factor

Is there something about your website to make it stand out among other local dental websites? Is there something special your website offers that others don’t? It may be something as simple as the ability to book an appointment online or a welcome video starring the doctor. The best dental
marketing services have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to make sure your website sticks in the minds of prospective patients.

Contact Information

Is your office contact information easy to find? Can prospective patients find your telephone number or a contact form easily? Does your website include your address and a map to make it easy for your prospective patients to find you?

Great dental websites translate into great results for your business. Don’t leave your website – and your professional reputation – in the hands of an amateur. Work with a website design company that specializes in dental marketing services and watch your new bookings soar.


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