Why Your Dental Practice Website Should Have a Blog

Blogs have come a long way from the internet based personal journals they used to be. Just as social networking sites have made the shift from exclusively personal socialization to commercial networking and marketing applications, blogs have secured their own niche in the commercial world. Legitimized to the point where they are now covered in college journalism and marketing classes, blogs can be a powerful tool in the internet marketing strategy for your dental practice website.

How Blogs Market Your Practice

Integrating a blog into your professional practice website can help internet search engines find your site and direct prospective patients to it. Blogs make your site much more visible to search engines by greatly expanding the available keywords, phrases, and subjects that can be correlated to online search criteria. Since people looking for businesses and service providers today use internet search engines more than any other method, increasing their ability to find and rank your dentistry website will automatically increase your web traffic, bringing more people into your office.

For example, if you’re a cosmetic dentist with a basic professional website without a blog, someone searching for a cosmetic dentist in your area may find your site, but what if a prospective patient hasn’t yet committed to the idea of having a dental procedure.  What if they’re still thinking and just want some information about professional tooth whitening? If you’ve got a blog entry on the latest tooth whitening techniques, or the top five causes of tooth staining, you’ll get traffic from people searching for information about the procedure itself. Not only can your blog entry help them get off the fence and decide to have the procedure done, when they want a cosmetic dentist who can perform it, they’re already at your site.

Maximizing the benefits of adding a blog to your dental website does take time, effort and skill. Not only do you need to keep posting new content, you need to make sure you make the most of it with proper search engine optimization (SEO). It’s money well spent to hire an expert service like Dentistry Websites because without proper SEO, it won’t really matter how many entries you make, or what you write about.

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